Aryginal The Black Golden Child

Aryginal, born Andre Moss Jr., was introduced to the world of Hip-Hop at the tender age of 4. Uncles and cousins would gather around and freestyle at family events. This inspired his young mind to puzzle together words in a rhythmic pattern. Three years later, he and his cousins formed their own group to perform at family functions. They would walk around the corner to the local record stores and buy cassette tapes of current singles with the instrumentals on the B-side. They would play the instrumental on one tape player, then record themselves rapping to the instrumental on another tape player until the entire blank cassette was full of music. A born hustler with a knack for creativity, Aryginal would then draw album covers and duplicate the recorded cassettes. He sold them to both his neighborhood and school friends for a small profit. His uncles showed their support by passing them out as well.

Aryginal couldn’t help but noticed the time & passion that his Uncle June devoted towards his saxophone playing. He loved going over to his uncle's home to experience the expression and feeling he put into the music. Uncle June proved to be the largest influence to date in regards to Aryginal’s musical drive and determination.

Not really fitting in with the hobbies of his childhood peers, most days Aryginal found himself stuck alone in his room. With a tape player, tape recorder, and a pen & pad the young artist tapped his pain & creativity to compose hip-hop music. He possessed that same passion for music that he saw in his Uncle June when he placed his mouth on that saxophone. He lost his Uncle June when he was 23.

Fast Forwarding to his middle school years, Aryginal continued to work diligently to make a name for himself. He reached a point where music was how his neighborhood friends and classmates knew him. During this time he went by the alias, Ice Aryginal. In the 8th grade his mother decided to purchase him an 8-track analog recorder so that he could begin perfecting the skill of audio recording. He also begun practicing the art of battle rap and freestyle among his peers.

By the time he reached high school Aryginal had completely filled enough spiral college-ruled notebooks to occupy the entire top half of his Northern Hills apartment closet. Through winning talent shows in his school and community, Aryginal became highly sought after by a number of different local labels. When he was a senior in high school he formed a duo with a rival hip-hop artist. They began to participate in talent shows, from which they caught the eye of a locally based Indie label in 2002. In 2003 Aryginal and his partner signed to that record label as a duo. Under this label, all their projects received regional distribution through Select-O-Hits.

Aryginal appeared on five of the label’s projects within his 3-year contract including the duo‘s solo LP in 2004. Being under contract along with attending college for his Business Management degree introduced him to the technical side of the industry. His schedule was booked with press releases, album deadlines, venue appearances, live performances, artist development, etc. Due to creative differences between he and his partner, the duo folded during the production of their sophomore LP in 2005. Once the contractual agreement with that label was over, the majority of Aryginal’s label mates decided to explore other options.

One thing led to another and the duo decided to make one more run at. They negotiated their second Indie label deal in 2006. The duo was clearly the leading act for this label and would be largely responsible for development of their 5 label mates. The label released a compilation in 2006 and a follow-up mix tape the same year to keep their buzz going. Aryginal once again began working with his partner on their sophomore LP to be released in 2007; yet once again creative differences caused the duo to split up. The group‘s break up forced the Indie Label C.E.O. to take a step back. Thus allowing him to re-evaluate if he should move forward with the same artist roster or release a few of the artists and re-staff. That was 2007.

Two years later in 2009, his former C.E.O. began working on a silent project. He decided to scroll through the archives of his artists’ unreleased work and handpick material to remix and re-master. With that material he created a new, never before heard project and composed it in the form of a mix tape. After holding a meeting with the artists, he explained what he expected from them as a group and released the project. Aryginal and the CEO pushed to promote and encourage fellow artists’ to do the same. But with the same lack of gusto as in 2007, it seemed as though the CEO lost the drive to continue.

With all the change, Aryginal decided to drop the prefix in his name, Ice, for it represented a dead past. Moving forward he would be known simply as Aryginal “The Black Golden Child”.

Aryginal stayed in contact with his former C.E.O. and continued to promote all of his past projects with hope that the company would be reborn with him as the leading solo artist. In 2011, after two years of no released projects and four years of no recording activity, Aryginal found himself unsure of how to feel. He had been doing music pretty much with the same individuals for 7 years, now all of a sudden it was over. He continued to write from 2007 to 2011 but was unable to perform due to not having access to his recorded material and/or every song having his ex-partner on it. He became more disgusted & frustrated with his situation as everyday passed, until he decided to just write songs and end his career as a recording artist.

In May of 2011 he ran into Randal McGriff (professionally known as; E.M.B), an old hip-hop acquaintance that he knew through one of his previous label mates. McGriff explained to him that he had evolved into more than just an artist. He was also an engineer/producer with his own recording studio. McGriff was working on a project and reached out to Aryginal for an artist feature. At first Aryginal declined but after careful thought he decided to oblige. Once the headphones were on, the music was playing, and the microphone was in front of him, that passion for music shared by he and his Uncle June rushed right back into his body and rejuvenated him. He and McGriff released Aryginal's debut street, jacking for beats style mixtape, "The Cipher Tape: Side A (Detox), November 2011. It is currently available for digital download on

Aryginal and E.M.B are currently promoting their 19-track collaborative LP, “Ground Breaking” which they released June 2015. It is currently available for digital download on your favorite site (i.e.: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, CD Baby, etc.) With singles such as, "In My Headphones" and "Grizzly Grind", both of which are on the "Ground Breaking" LP, in circulation; the listener can get a great grasp of Aryginal's versatility and growth throughout the years. If you are a hip hop fan and are not checking for him, you should re-evaluate your love for the genre. "The Cipher Tape: Side B (Revitalized) is also now available for digital streaming and download. His current placements include Pandora Radio.

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Aryginal covers Tupac's classic "Brenda's Got a Baby" in a magnitude that only he can do! #PRESSPLAY Aryginal & #VerZbrother Desert Eagle cover Fat Joe & Remy Ma's "All THe Way Up" as requested on his fan page. #PRESSPLAY

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